How much could be cost per project? 
Depending on work involved, a fair price to all projects will be negotiated before any work start.
What is the flow of project? 
Our approach is always unique to develop and maintain quality of work. Depending on project, we develop the LCSD (Life cycle of software development) and project design model(waterfall modal, Prototyping Model, Evolutionary Model etc). These could include information and requirement gathering,quick design,coding,testing and finally summiting the project to client and maintain to it.
Is there any hidden costs after submission of work? 
Is there any contracts with you to sign? 
There is nothing like contract, we finalise the amount of implementations before we start.
How will you contact us after work is assigned to you? 
We can get in touch with you by phone, email or messanger.
What is the level of the quality of project? 
Amount is deliverd after you receive the axpect work what was agreed.
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