Web site Development, solution and maintenance 
Samarthinfotech Information Technology is committed to the development of high quality software, meeting the highest international standards. Samarthinfotech makes use of the latest technologies, processes, paradigms. development tools and design approaches; facilitating easy integration with a large number of applications and technologies.

Samarthinfotech’s experience with multiple programming languages means that we can pick and choose a programming platform for any particular project, or portion of a project.

Finding the right information technology resources for your organization can be difficult. Experience, technical skills and cost need to be weighed and factored into your decision. Samarthinfotech is well qualified to help you with your development and consulting needs from conception to delivery of your software requirements.
Techinical Skill 
Samarthinfotech focuses on open source technologies like PHP, Java, MySQL, Perl to provide cost- effective solutions to its clients. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is a well-accepted development platform that offers great value for money. Although the development time remains roughly the same, the deployment costs, and the IT hardware and software infrastructure that is required to run an open source application are available for much lower costs. Open source web applications can be deployed very inexpensively on web-hosting providers that offer Linux-based hosting services.

Samarthinfotech’s development team prides itself on keeping abreast with new technologies and has extended its skills to developing solutions using .Net framework (.NET 2.0 and 3.5, .NET Compact Framework) - VB.NET, ASP.NET and C#. We have been deeply involved in the design and implementation of small to extensive .Net projects that are currently deployed commercially.
In addition to building Web application, we also have expertise in building components like ASP.NET Server Controls and User Controls, Windows Services.

offerings in this area include:
Application development in .NET - in web applications
Custom control and User Control development in .NET
Development of Windows Services based .NET applications
Testing of .NET applications, including functional testing and load testing

Samarthinfotech’s technical team has a very strong understanding of data architecture, data modeling, designing and developing from huge data warehouse to OLAP cubicles, re-engineering, cleansing and optimizations. The platforms we support are Oracle, MS SQL Server 2003/2005, MySQL (MAXDB), SQLBase and also smaller DBMSs like dBase and MS Access.

Our security experts have deep knowledge and experience in security relevant topics. The services we offer include developing security concepts for small to large enterprises, executing a detailed penetration test, system auditing, designing the security architecture, installing detection tools, configuring firewalls and antivirus installations.
Professional staffing 
Program Managers

Technical Consultants

Projects Leaders

Software Engineers

Systems Programmers

Object Oriented Development Engineers

Web Developers

Enterprise Database Architects

Technical Writers

Technical/Help Desk Support

Human engineering specialists

QA Managers

QA and Testing  
Samarthinfotech’s QA team has worked on many platforms and projects of all sizes. We know how to realistically address software testing; how to prioritize and report defects; how to create test cases and integrate with development schedules; and most critically, we know how to deliver what we commit to.
Our QA team can help with creating comprehensive test plans with automated test cases and undertaking black box, white box, unit, integration, stress, load, performance and regression testing. We’ve tested and shipped web-based, desktop, Internet, database, enterprise, workflow, system level and productivity applications - we know how to adapt and test on multiple platforms, in different languages, with a large number of variables.
The passion for quality assurance shows in our deliverables. We enjoy breaking software, we provide suggestions, attempt workarounds and give potential solutions. We know how to test and know how to build and use the tools it takes to do our job well.
We help you test smarter - with better planning, technology-savvy and experienced testers, the right tools and detailed reporting - to get a vastly better return on your testing dollar. Our only objective is to ensure that you put your best foot forward with the release of your software.
Our services include:

Unit testing

Sanity testing

White box testing

Code reviews

Walkthroughs and inspections

Integration testing

System integration

Functional testing

Black box testing

Stress and load testing

Performance testing

Network testing

Alpha testing

Beta testing

Usability testing

User acceptance testing

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